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There is something about putting pen to paper, fingers to keys, letting the words spill out of you like water through clenched fingers...

The rush, the power of it, the release, the freedom, the pain,

the terror, the agony,

the unmitigated joy.

M.S. Keith

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M.S. Keith was born and raised in the creative realms. She has been writing and telling stories since she was old enough to string two words together.

Keith's preferred genre is fiction, with an emphasis in sci-fi and fantasy. Her works range from the strange to the far out, and everything in between.

Keith is a master writer, editor, and educator. She began an artist collective in 2016, as well as a writer's group called New Writers Anonymous.  

New Writers Anonymous works to educate and improve emerging and established writers alike. NWA continues to flourish under her leadership and guidance.  

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