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RFT Series

Dug into the shattered remains of Earth following the Climate Wars, the underground world of Terra opened its arms to the few survivors, offering a singular refuge. More than a millennium later, Terrans live and retire in a world of near-artificial existence knowing little of the the time Before Terra.

On their 61st birth-day, Terrans are granted retirement. Their bodies are returned to dust, their minds uploaded into Haven to live out eternity in the hereafter of their own design.


Unless they are Chosen.

Celebrated model Terrans, the Chosen are given the unique honor to retire ahead of schedule.

A Retirement Facilitation Transfer agent since birth, Ariadne Moss is trained to assist and protect the aged toward easy retirement.


But what happens when the world you have been trained to trust suddenly upends? What if what you see isn't what you are told? Could you trust your inner compass to lead you against the government who raised you?

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