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"The greatest pleasures of reading consist in re-reading."

-Vernon Lee

Calling all Beta Readers!

I need readers who are willing to read, review, constructively critique, and offer HONEST feedback to my novel. All interested parties please inquire within! Or e-mail me at ;)

Obviously, all work shared with readers is the sole property of the author (me), and should not be copied, shared, or distributed without express permission from the author (me).

Full disclosure:

Genre: Science-Fiction with a slant toward a possible future given current trends; saving the world. ("Back Cover" description to follow)

This is a novel. Nearly 130,000 words. It is long.

It is my first novel, so be gentle, be sincere, but be truthful.

I should have the current draft completed by Christmas.

I need all feedback by February 14th, 2018, as I hope to incorporate notes and revisions by March 15th for submission deadlines.

1-page synopsis provided upon request

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